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Potable Water

Water Potability (Connecticut)
Water Potability (New York)

Sampling Instructions (PDF)
Chain of Custody for Water and Other Items (PDF)

Water quality should never be ignored. Whether you are a homeowner with a private well, or if you are part of a community water system, knowing your water quality may not only protect your health, it may help to protect your pipes and fixtures.

  • Public Water Supply:
    Will perform testing according to State and Public Water System requirements.
    Will electronically submit results to the State of Connecticut in accordance with PWS requirements.

  • Bottled Water:
    Will perform testing according to State & National distribution requirements.

  • Municipal Water:
    Do you have an infant at home and need to check the Fluoride content of your water?

  • Well Water:
    Did you know that homeowners should be checking their well water annually for Total Coliform and should be checking the Chemistry their water every three to four years?
Homeowners that notice a change in their water color, odor or taste should check their water immediately.

If you want to test your water and you are not sure where to begin, a Full Potability Test is a great place to start. (We can mail sampling kits).

For more information on Water Testing see Environmental Chemistry and Environmental Microbiology