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  • Chemical Analysis
  • Microbiology
  • Cyto-toxicity Testing
The ability of microorganisms to grow in cosmetics has been well established. Their presence cannot only bring about the deterioration of the product, but may also be deleterious to the user. This is also true if the chemical composition if not as labeled as it may prove the product to be ineffective or injurious to the user.

Northeast Laboratories with its staff of trained analytical Chemists and Microbiologists can provide the needed assurance that these products are not only safe for the user but contain the necessary ingredients for affective use.

  • General Methods
  • Water by Karl Fischer
  • Water and Alcohol by Gas Chromatography
  • Propylene glycol by Gas Chromatography
  • Eye Irritants
  • Efficacies of Preservatives
  • Color Additives
Deodorants and Antiperspirants:
  • Aluminum
  • Zinc
  • Zirconium
  • Boric Acid
  • Chlorides
  • Sulfates
  • Hexachlorophene
  • Methenanine
  • Phenolsulfonates
  • Urea
  • Sulfides
Face Powders:
  • Fat and Fatty Acids and Stearic Acid
  • Boric Acid
  • Zinc
  • Calcium (Acid Soluble)
  • Magnesium (Acid Soluble)
  • Barium Sulfate
  • Titanium
  • Iron
  • Oxides of Iron, Titanium and Aluminum
  • Aluminum
  • Silica
  • Starch
Hair Preparations:
  • Paraphenylendiamine in hair rinses and dyes
  • Potassium Bromate and Sodium
  • Perborate in Cold Wave Neutralizers
  • Pyrogallol in Hair Dyes
  • Resorcinol in Hair Lotions
  • Salicylic Acid in Hair Lotions
  • Thioglycolic sp Acid in Permanent Wave Solutions
  • Dithioglycolic sp Acid In Permanent Wave Solutions
Suntan Preparation:
  • Amyl-P-dimethylaminobenzoate
  • Dihydroxy Acetone (DHA)
Vanishing Cream:
  • Emulsion Type
  • Water
  • Ash
  • Chloroform Soluble Material
  • Glycerol
Please note: Additional testing available on request.