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Alcoholic Beverages

Maintaining the quality of alcoholic beverages is essential not only for the manufacturer, but also for the consumer. In today’s weight conscientious world, knowing and being able to control and advertise the caloric concentration of beer, as well as similar beverages supplies information the consumer wants to know. Regulatory agencies may also be involved, especially when importing items such as brandy, cognac, wines and spirits where quality, color and clarity, and content are closely monitored and regulated.

Northeast Laboratories, Inc. with a staff of well trained Chemists and Microbiologists has over twenty years of experience with the analysis of foods and beverages and is prepared to assist manufacturers and consumers alike in every way possible.

  • Testing to Meet United States and Foreign Government Requirements
  • Quality Control
  • Chemical Tests:
    • Acetone
    • Acidity
    • Aldehyde and Ketones
    • Alkalinity
    • Chlorides
    • Esters
    • Ethanol by Volume
    • Ethanol by Weight
    • Fusel Oil
    • Furfural
    • Higher Alcohols
    • Methanol
    • Non-Volatile Residue
    • Permanganate Reducing Substances
    • Substances Darkening of Sulfuric Acids
    • Total Volcanic Components
    • Ultra Violet Absorbic
    • Volatile Bases
    • Water Insoluble Substances
  • Physical Tests
    • Clarity
    • Color
    • Flavor
    • Odor
    • Organoleptic Characteristics
    • Specific Gravity
Please note: Additional testing available on request.